Advance Mobile Courses

The need for mobile phone and smartphone service engineers have always on the rise , the growth prospects are predicted across maintenance and service industry of the mobile sector .

Mobile Courses

  1. Charging Complaints
    1. No Charging
    2. Battery Dry(Boosting Charge)
    3. Battery High Temperature Issue
    4. Charging While Mobile Off , Not Charging While On Condition
    5. Charging Symbol Shown But Not Charging(Fake Charging)
  2. Software Issue
    1. Hang On Logo
    2. White Display
    3. Pattern Unlock
    4. Hacking ComPlaints
    5. Binary File Matching
    6. FRP First Reset Password Unlock
    7. MI Account Reset Or Remove
    8. Apple Blackberry,... Errors And Troubleshooting
    9. All Mobile Flashing With Software, With Kit
  3. Speaker Receiver Mic Complaints
    1. 4 Pin Box Mic Vibrators Issue
    2. 5 Pin Box Mic Vibrators Issue
  4. Sim, WIFI, Network Complaints
    1. Sim Not Detected
    2. Sim Detected But No Network
    3. Low Network
    4. 5g,4g,3g,2g Brand Not Working
    5. IMEI Invalid Or 000
    6. Incomming Or Outgoing Call Phone Off
    7. NV-RAM File OR QCN File Missing
    8. Baseband Missing
  5. Display And BackLight Issue
    1. Touch Not Working
    2. Display Issue
    3. Backlight Not Working
    4. Half Touch Not Working
    5. Light Sensor Not Working
    6. Hand Symbol Showing in Display
    7. Display Water Lock Black Dots Remove
    8. Touch Back Button and Home Button Not Working
  6. Ic Level Complaints
    1. Power IC Complaints
    2. Processor Issue
    3. Network Ic Issue PFO etc...
    4. Reballing Issue
    5. Light Sensor Not Working

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